Why Choose Us?

TOP 10 REASONS……and more

Financial Savings and Results

  • Our clients save an average of 25% in credit card processing fees [immediately] within the first 30 days, and we do not lock our customers into multi-year non-cancellable contracts.
  • We prove and validate your success by providing an initial 6-month fee/savings analysis, and thereafter annually.
    (A $500 value AT NO ADDITIONAL COST)

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • We are the only service provider to provide 100% of our clients with a dedicated single-point-of-contact:
    • This guarantees that every client is served by someone who knows and understands your business.
    • All other service providers rely upon 1-800 customer service call centers …our customers never have to experience the 1-800 call center “jungle”.
  • Over the last 7 years, we have a client retention rate of 97.5% (vs. industry average of 67.4%).
  • A Guarantee unmatched by any other:
    • If you are not completely satisfied with the outcome, you may cancel service at any time within the first 90 days with a refund of 100% of your initial set up fees.
    • No early termination penalties or fees at any time.

Safety And Security

  • 100% of our payment gateway partners are PCI Compliant 3rd party providers.
  • In competitive bidding, 12 publicly traded and/or $1 billion revenue size companies have chosen us to be their exclusive service provider. Why? Because we were the only one to meet all of their needs concerning….
    • Data Security requirements
    • Process automation requirements
    • Financial savings requirements

Training and Education

  • One-on-One training by the account executive assigned to your account. (A $250 value AT NO ADDITIONAL COST)
  • Clients are receiving additional training, education, and/or financial analysis from us each year. (A $250-$500 value AT NO ADDITIONAL COST).


  • In an environment of fierce competition, confidentiality is one of the most important operating principles of our firm. We ensure the confidentiality of all of our client data.

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Proven Leadership

  • Top ranked client specialist for commercial card merchants with Priority Payment Systems (www.prioritypaymentsystems.com)
  • Five consecutive years (2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, and 2010) in President’s Club
  • 2011 sole recipient of the “Priority MX Award” by Priority Payment Systems (www.prioritypaymentsystems.com); 2014 “Highest Volume Producer” for Priority Payment Systems
  • Our client’s average monthly sales volume of Visa/MasterCard/AMEX is $185,000 (compared to the industry average of $15,000 per month).
  • Client reviews are proof of our best in class performance: See “Testimonials” Section
  • References provided by well-known leading companies upon request

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