What are the Best Processing Software Solutions for Purchasing Cards (Reviews/Ratings)?

What are the Best Processing Software Solutions for Purchasing Cards (Reviews/Ratings)?

Each year, we at U.S. Transactions Corp. speak with well over 150 companies across the U.S. with respect to their credit card processing services. These companies are typically doing business with the Fortune 500 and are naturally concerned about how to have the lowest possible cost for processing Purchasing Card payments (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) from their Fortune 500 clients. Likewise, these companies are concerned about credit card data security (referred to as PCI Compliance). These companies want to minimize or eliminate the risk of being responsible for any data breach which may result in those credit card numbers being stolen on their watch.
As a neutral 3rd party in this field (i.e., U.S. Transactions Corp. has no ownership interest in or influence upon any credit card processing software solution provider), we are happy to provide our readers with an honest assessment of the top Level-3 Processing Software Solutions for credit card processing.

3Delta Systems, PaymentWorkSuite Package. 3Delta Systems was founded in 1999 to offer products that would add real value to procurement and payment processes. After reviewing the market offerings, the principals of 3DSI, former procurement and financial managers with both corporate and government experience, realized that there was a lack of robust, easy to deploy payment solutions.
3DSI offers merchants a variety of fully hosted Internet-based payment systems, each designed from the ground up to provide Level-3 line item detail. These products are offered to small-to-large market firms and government entities, with volumes ranging from a few transactions per month to over 100,000 per month. 3DSI is annually assessed and certified to the PCI DSS and other requirements.

EProcessing Network (ePN). eProcessing Network, LLC is a software development company specializing in Secure Real-Time Transaction Processing Services and Support. They process merchants’ credit card, debit card, NFC, Apple Pay, ACH/check, gift card and loyalty transactions. Features and benefits include: Mobile Apps, Web Solutions, Online BillPay, Point of Sale, Master Accounts, Recurring Billing, Inventory Management, Customer Data Management, Level III Processing, snd QuickBooks® Plugins.
ePN’s systems are in compliance with the latest PCI Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). Our solutions are designed to prevent payment card data compromises and offer peace of mind with electronic transaction processing.

Network Merchants (NMI). You need your own value-added technology that you can use to strengthen your brand, reinforce the value you provide to your customers and set yourself apart from your competitors. When you use NMI’s Payments Enablement Technology to be the gateway to your customers, you get the payment processing technology you want so you can deliver the payment processing solutions your customers need.
Your customers don’t just need a merchant account, they need technology that enables them to accept payments. So why make them work with multiple companies to do it? Take matters into your own hands and use NMI’s Payments Enablement Technology to be the gateway to your customers.

PayFlow Pro is a product of PayPal. Payflow Pro is fully customizable, so you can build a checkout experience as unique as your business. Everything is on the table, from language and layout to page sequence and PCI compliance options. You can add a PayPal button to help drive more sales, or use their hosted pages and offer PayPal Credit, too. Basic Fraud Protection Service is included at no additional fee. You can add an extra level of protection with advanced security tools and customizable filters for an additional cost. Need to process recurring payments such as monthly membership fees or annual contract renewals? Get the extra convenience of processing these types of payments automatically.

PayTrace. The Professional Solutions Package offers simple payment processing that allows you to accept payments with or without a card. PayTrace also deliver customer profile storage in its PCI compliant database at no extra charge. It provides developers with tools to master the e-commerce space. Their support team gets 5-stars from customers for its in-depth knowledge of the software, the payment industry, and prompt response times. Merchants love how easy and intuitive it is to maneuver day-to-day tasks in the system. Also, the PayTrace GO mobile application is available whenever and wherever your mobile device goes.

Author: Wade Tetsuka is a CPA and lives in Leesburg, Virginia.

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