Visa STP

Visa Straight Through Processing (STP)

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3 Easy Steps:



Step 1. Contact U.S. Transactions Corp. to assist you in completing the VISA STRAIGHT THROUGH PROCESSING MERCHANT ENROLLMENT FORM. You may print out this PDF and Fax back to (866) 511-0935 with your information; or for assistance call (866) 578-2627 or email

Step 2. Tell your customers you now accept Visa STP payment

Step 3. Let Visa handle the rest. Payments from your customers will now be deposited directly into your bank account without having to provide your sensitive banking information to your customers. You will receive a remittance advice directly from Visa indicating that the payment has been made directly to your merchant account


VISA STP – more value for less cost:



To Enroll Now in Visa STP:

Contact U.S. Transactions Corp.
Wade Tetsuka, CPA; Marsh McHenry, Scott McHenry or Chris Mashburn
(866) 578-2627


Or, you just want more information:

Q&A For the Supplier:

You are a Supplier to a large Corporation(s), click here for Supplier FAQ #1

You are a Supplier to Visa International or affiliate, click here for Supplier FAQ #2