User Experience + Brand: The New World



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Many associations struggle with archaic brand architecture where every department ends up with its own “brand.” This confuses your members, which ultimately hurts conversions. During this webinar, we’re going to help you solve that problem. We will cover how user experience and brand come together as one and how that can help you differentiate.


Learning Objectives

  • Learn how UX and Brand have merged
  • Learn how to differentiate in your digital universe
  • Learn why UX should be part of your association’s culture
  • Learn best-in-class examples
NASBA (Field of Study)Communications and Marketing
CAE (Subject Domain)Marketing & Communications
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed1-2 years marketing and/or IT experience
ReviewerWade Tetsuka, CPA
CPE/CAE Credits1.5
DeliveryGroup Internet Based
Jake Toohey
Senior Digital Consultant, Adage Technologies
Jake has been a consultant at Adage for 9 years and works exclusively with association industry clients on everything from web and content strategy to…
Joe Post
Vice President Strategy & Experience Design, Adage Technologies
Joe has a strong belief that many organizations struggle with marrying their brand story with user experiences that are easy to use and provide real…

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