Understanding Search & Why Your Organization’s Future Relies on It

Webinar: Group live presented online due to COVID-19  ||  Attendance: 76 Associations  ||  Reviews   ♦♦♦♦♦  ||   Good presentation. Great to see a use case from AAP and the structure around the solution. || Good presentation. Great to see a use case from AAP and the structure around the solution.  || The presenters were excellent!  ||

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(Note: CAE or CPE credits can only be granted to attendees of the group-live webinar presented online )


Course Title W133: Understanding Search & Why Your Organization’s Future Relies on It
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. (EASTERN TIME)
Description When organizations think of Search, they usually assume the
conversation is about Google. While that’s part of the picture, there
is so much more. Over 50% of users immediately navigate to the
search bar of any website they visit. For associations, a great
search experience is critical because of the amount of content that
they have, usually across multiple websites and web platforms.
Our session will focus on all aspects of search including:

  • Off-site search – SEO and Google searching
  • On-site search – Federated searching of all of your organization’s web platforms
  • Reputation Management
  • Paid Search
Instructor Bios: Jake Toohey

Jake has been a consultant at Adage for 9 years and works
exclusively with association industry clients on everything from web
and content strategy to full-scale digital transformation initiatives.
He is passionate about working on impactful solutions for non-profit
organizations that ultimately make our world a safer, healthier, and
better place to live.

Joe Post
Joe has a strong belief that many organizations struggle with
marrying their brand story with user experiences that are easy to
use and provide real utility. He provides strategic leadership with
agile design thinking methods that result in great user experiences. A leader of large-scale digital transformations for mid-market
associations who require custom integrations, complex commerce,
marketing operations, and a human-centered approach.
He believes a connection to purpose inspires people and drives


Eric Matthias


Eric Matthias is the Senior Director of Application Development at the American Academy of Pediatrics.  He has been with the AAP for 8 years and leans on his previous experience in the for-profit space to the non-profit industry. Eric is skilled in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), IT Strategy, Software Development, and Business Intelligence and has been the primary technical lead for the AAP’s Digital Transformation Initiative, which includes revamping their ecommerce, federated search, transcripts platform, my account reimagination, membership improvements, and integrating their entire digital ecosystem.


Level Intermediate
NASBA Category Information Technology
CAE (Field of Study) Marketing, Public Relations, & Communications
Prerequisites 1-2 years marketing and/or IT experience
Delivery Group live presented online due to Covid-19
CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Cost: Free
Learning Objectives 1. Why developing a content strategy and search go hand-in-hand.

2. How to fully optimize your search experience using
analytics and site search optimizations like synonyms, best-
bets, and auto-completes

3. Off-site search – the second pillar of SEO and
considerations for improving your ranking by thinking
outside of your zone of control

4. On-site search – the third pillar of SEO and a key driver of
member user experience: a single search box to rule them

5. Reputation Management – the forth pillar of SEO and how
to take back control of your online reputation, by monitoring
your locations, your reviews, and events by establishing
and monitoring tools like Google My Business

6. Paid Search – accelerate traffic to strategic “corner-stone”
content, and how AI has re-imagined Google Ads

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