The War For Talent: How to recruit and retain the right people






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  • Does your recruitment strategy fit your corporate strategy?
    • But do you have Strategy, or tactics?
    • If you have strategy, is winning based on Differentiation or Transactional styles
      • Why? These are 2 different attitudes
    • Finally, are you hiring on this attitude and behavior, or just resumes
  • How to attract and align your talent – Compelling Sagas
  • How to fit talent into appropriate levels – Dr. Elliott Jaques work
  • How to get the most out of Talent – Gaining speed by destroying Evil
    • Review of the Samurai models.
  • If time:
    • How to inculcate our new hires into your culture
      • How to align your culture with your strategy
      • What Initiation Rituals do you use?
    • How to Adapt in an age of disruption
  • How to attract and align your talent – Compelling Sagas
  • How to fit talent into appropriate levels – Dr. Elliott Jaques work
  • How to get the most out of Talent – Gaining speed by destroying Evil

Don Schmincke
Author, Speaker, Sage Leadership
When CEOs asked Don to research the high failure rates of M&A, strategic planning, culture change, and management theory, they didn’t realize the primal, genetic triggers he’d unearth would grow their companies faster than traditional methods. What else would you expect from an MIT and Johns Hopkins researcher who was nearly arrested as a capitalist spy in the Soviet Bloc, got shot off an aircraft carrier, survived in the Kurdish capital as the Ayatollah held hostages in Tehran, and developed missile inertial guidance systems while his frat brothers took Vegas (later portrayed in the movie “21”)? As a best-selling author, Don trains 700 CEOs annually, and can be found sharing his unique methods at keynote speeches or implementing them with clients. His scientific methods make him the thought-leader in applying genetics, evolution, and anthropology to strategic growth. The industry agrees, finding it a refreshing alternative to the trendy theories and “programs-of-the-month” that frustrate senior executives: 
 – Acclaimed as a Top 10 speaker for the world’s largest CEO organization. – Author of best-selling books “The Code of the Executive” and “High Altitude Leadership” (with NBC Emmy-nominated climber Chris Warner). – Published in over 14 languages, – Featured by CNN, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more than 60 industry publications annually. Today, Don flies 200K miles annually working with clients across every industry including healthcare, manufacturing, non-profits, distribution, technology, communications, finance, and insurance. He occasionally can be found at universities inflicting his unconventional techniques on innocent graduate students. Learn more now:

Level Intermediate Delivery Group Internet Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Business Management & Organization) Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Executive Leadership CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed at least 1 year of operations experience Cost $0.00

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