The Presidential Forum

In 2009, U.S. Transactions Corp established The Presidential Forum for its clients and other leading companies in the Government Contracting sector.

INDUSTRY: Government Contracting
PEOPLE: CEOs and C-Level Executives Only
PURPOSE: A Safe Environment for:

  • Building Professional Relationships
  • Learning


The Presidential Forum is the only organization of its kind dedicated to improving the effectiveness of CEOs and C-Level Executives in the Government Contracting sector through ongoing Educational Events and Networking opportunities. This niche focus allows the us to address needs which are specific to the C-Level Executives, and to address best practices as it relates to the business of government contracting.

Attendance at Events is by Invitation Only.

  • Attendees must meet the specific requirements of qualification thereby ensuring:
    • A non-solicitation environment is maintained;
    • Access to the collective knowledge of industry peers;
    • A safe environment where confidentiality is respected;
    • That recurring educational events — meaningful and valuable to everyone — takes place;
    • A location where decision makers can casually meet in collegial manner;

By maintaining the integrity of this community, unmet business needs of C-Level Executives are addressed:

  • Where do you gain access to a network/community of Peers-Only?
  • Where do you go to obtain Best Practice knowledge?
  • How often are you forging valuable business relationships [new and existing]?
  • What do you consider a “Safe” environment for meeting other industry professionals?


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