Meta Trends and the Next Economy-See the Future More Accurately




Webinar: group live presented online  ||  Attendance: 28 Associations  ||  Great info || New ways to capture and analyze key information to add value to the association and members. || Great presentation || Very good speaker. Very entertaining || Think outside the box, learned many interesting points of information, knowledge of population trends.  ||  OMG theres so much, this was a great presentation. I will have to say the information given on the ages and correlations are mind opening.

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(Note: CAE or CPE credits can only be granted to attendees of the group-live webinar presented online)



Meta-Trends and the Next Economy utilizes demographics to forecast the health of every economy/industry in the world. Meta-Trends allows you to know the knowable future i.e. Know which businesses should you start today, Know which industries will survive and thrive in the next 15 years, Know which areas of the economy are worth investing resources in, Know future government trends from a threat perspective, Know why past trends happened and were actually predictable The future breaks down into threats and opportunities. Meta-Trends motivates you to plan better so that you don’t just survive, you thrive in the next 15 years. Change is happening so rapidly in society that the need for reliable forecasts is paramount. It turns out that demographics are the single most powerful ingredient in forecasting what the future will look like. Meta-Trends and the Next Economy, will answer the question: “What will the next five to fifteen years look like?”

  • Tactical strategies to improve your net worth (and for your members and constituents), and the motivation to do so today.
  • How to protect the health of your Association in the next economy.
  • What are the prospects for the industry you serve and your members in the next 15 years.

Mark Parrott
Author, Meta-Trends & the Next Economy
Mark Parrott is a 30-year veteran of the financial services industry. After spending his formative years on Wall Street, Mark moved on to teach captains of industry as well as the common man. He has presented to, or directly counseled more than 20,000 companies totaling more than 320 billion in rev. He has earned expertise in: Investment Decisions in Behavioral Finance from the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University Mergers and Acquisitions from DePaul University Business coaching from Marshall Goldsmith Mark’s book, Meta-Trends & the Next Economy is the highest rated econometrics book on Amazon
Level Beginner Delivery Group Internet-Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Economics Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Organizational Strategy CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed None Cost $0.00



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