Membership/Marketing Directors from 22 leading Associations discuss their most important Membership and Marketing Strategic Initiative for 2020, and Best Practices & Issues around Execution

February 18, 2020:  What is Your Associations most important Membership and Marketing Strategic Initiative in 2020, and how effective is your Association in execution was the topic of discussion when Membership and Marketing Directors from 22 leading Associations met on February 18, 2020 for the Presidential Forum Roundtable breakfast in Washington, DC.  The peer-to-peer discussion was moderated by Kerri McGovern, Senior Director Membership, Association of Corporate Counsel (ACC).

Membership and Marketing Directors in attendance, shared valuable insights on their respective initiatives on member engagement measurement, engagement of “at-risk” members, breaking down communication silos in the organization, getting things done with lack or absence of support staff, etc.

When asked “What is One Small Thing You Do that Makes a Big Difference”, numerous pearls of wisdom were shared by the Directors in attendance – e.g., segmenting members between those who attend events and those who don’t, and talk to each group differently; personalized outreach for new members; a welcome letter form the CEO; setting up a social media calendar for the organization to avoid over-fatiguing members with emails, and many other immediately implementable ideas.

In addition to the Membership/Marketing Directors in attendance, the sole sponsor Confluence Global – Craig Dellorso, CEO, and Christine DeLorenzo, Director of Professional Services – provided additional subject matter expertise to the discussion based on their experience helping leading Associations with AMS optimization/implementation and Data Management.  See their Confluence Blog for more information.

See the Presidential Forum Calendar for upcoming Association executive roundtable events (invitation-only) at 2020_Calendar.   For additional information, please contact Wade Tetsuka,

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