Fusion Pay

An Integration that is already built into Net Forum which is PCI-DSS Compliant and GDPR Compliant


Dear NetForum User:

Thank you for your participation in FusionPay! After enrolling you’ll have access to a direct deposit solution connected to your bank which will enable you to receive payments fast and in a more secure method for any of your activities (Events, Membership, Education, Publications, etc.) that you manage through NetForum.
An additional benefit is that FusionPay is already pre-integrated into NetForum so no additional development work is needed. With FusionPay you are utilizing a PCI Compliant solution which is also GDPR compliant. It’s the only solution that enables NetForum to be connected with over 100+ payment processor solutions.  Based on previous client experience of Associations using FusionPay or similar integrations, the overall savings are 20-30% lower credit card fees, immediately.  One-time implementation fee and annual maintenance fees may apply depending upon your NetForum configuration.

For additional information, contact:
Julie Duncan, U.S. Transactions Corp.
at (770) 883-7899


Fusion Span
Justin Burniske


The only Solution which gives you the Freedom to Choose from 100+ Payment Services

Lower Your Cost of Payment Processing
Maximum level of data security for payments
Unparalleled Service & Support

FusionPay Guarantees the lowest fees for Visa/MasterCard (Level-3 processing)

No additional data entry required at time of payment

Enable eCheck payment services to lower your cost of collections over credit card payments



PCI Compliant Solution

No additional data entry required at time of payment

Universal tokenization: only tokens are stored in NetForum and can be recognized by over 100 payment gateways

Integration to NetForum is 100% complete so no additional IT or programming guess work is necessary

Account Executive (single point of contact) from U.S.
Transactions Corp. assigned to your account to handle all your credit card processing questions.

Level-3 processing expertise and specialized in Associations and not-for-profit organizations

Backup customer support line 24/7 based in the U.S.