2. What would we need to do as part of our PCI Compliance requirement?

At a minimum, each company must complete a Self Assessment Questionaire (SAQ). This is done by our clients through an online Questionaire. Performing the SAQ will provide you a better understanding of the data security environment that is required in your business to maintain a satisfactory data security environment as it relates to the protection of credit card data. After completion, you will receive a certificate which documents your having completed the selected SAQ which is valid for 1 year. An example is shown below.

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  • Key Points About Service

    - 100% of our payment gateway partners are PCI Compliant.

    - In 2011, U.S. Transactions Corporation was the sole recipient of the "Priority MX Award" by Priority Payment Systems, for our process excellence.

    - Many publicly traded companies already trust U.S. Transactions Corporation for their credit card processing needs.

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