Dirty Data: Understanding the Hidden Costs for Associations – and How to Prepare for a Clean-up Effort


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Virtually every association, both large and small, struggles to keep its data clean.  Yet data is your most valuable asset!  It powers everything that an association does, and dirty data can have a very tangible cost.  In this session we will explore data hygiene: why it is important for operational and staffing efficiency, how to organize your team and create a data cleanup plan, and discuss some modern approaches to addressing data cleanup using automation.

  • Understand the numerous ways that dirty data can negatively impact an organization
  • Know how to craft a data cleanup project plan – We’ll provide each attendee with a template to get started
  • Broaden awareness of cutting-edge data hygiene solutions that elevate and leverage your existing staff by removing manual tasks

Brittany Carter
President, Association TRENDS
Brittany has over 14 years of experience developing association-focused data products, services, and events including Bumblebee, Association TRENDS’ automated data transformation, and deduplication tool. She believes strongly that associations of all sizes should have access to tools that help clean, maintain and utilize one of their strongest assets, data.

Lisa Stahl
Data Project Manager, Columbia Books & Information Services
Level Intermediate Delivery Group Internet-Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Information Technology Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Operations CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed At least 1 year of association or nonprofit operations experience. No advance preparation required for course Cost $0.00

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