Data Analytics for Trade Associations – What’s Possible in 2022




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The reporting and analytics needs of associations that have organizations as members, rather than just individuals, are especially demanding. Extracting insights from the vast amounts of member data contained in different software systems is made both more difficult and more important by the additional layer(s) of complexity created by the fact that members are groups of individuals.

Join Rebecca Duff for a fast-moving overview of trade association use cases and opportunities – Rebecca spends her days helping associations meet unique needs and solve specific challenges with data and analytics and will provide a series of examples from the trade associations and similarly-structured associations she has worked with – take part to learn from the experiences of not just one or two associations, but dozens!

  • Learn where to look for unexpected and useful data in an organization-based association
  • See new ways to look at the reporting layers associations use to manage and understand the individuals who comprise their customer orgs
  • Understand how analytics dramatically improves both Engagement Scoring and Total Member Value (both at the individual and org levels)

Rebecca Duff
Director, Client Success at Gravitate Solutions
Level Intermediate Delivery Group Internet Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Information Technology Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Operations CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed some background in marketing or IT Cost $0.00

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