Becoming the Netflix for Your Association Members



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Associations succeed when they inform, educate and inspire their members.  Netflix is a great example of how focusing on content, use experience and value, combine to grow engagement, revenue and renewals.

There is so much to learn from the Netflix model that gives us insight into how each association can transform their website and content into being the “Netflix” for your category and members

  • Learn about the need for all associations to both engage and monetize digitally in order to survive and thrive
  • Learn how to transform your website into a “Netflix” styled model
  • Learn about content Models that are affordable, self-sustaining and that drive both engagement and revenue

Dan Stevens
President, WorkerBee.TV
Dan has over 30-years of association experience and takes pride in driving the industry forward. Dan’s first experience in the association world started in 1991 when he launched a chapter for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Dan has served on EO’s International Board of Directors in various positions, including International Chairman in 1996-1997. Today, EO is a global association of over 13,000 entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, family man and association member, Dan has first-hand experience in growing organizations and leveraging the power of technology to enable growth in a strategic and sustainable manner. Dan is the Founder and President of WorkerBee.TV, Inc., an online platform and multimedia services organization that has developed strategic models specific to the needs of associations. WorkerBee.TV’s flagship platform and service offering – Association TV ® – empowers associations to inform, educate and inspire their members and prospects. Not only is Dan a thought leader and sought-after speaker on topics such as digital disruption, multimedia, and the evolution of the association sector, he is also a published author. The book, Moving your Association from Analog to Digital, A CEOs Guide to Rapid Change, explores content trends in the association space and how to prepare for the next decade. (Check it out on

Eric O’Connor
Chief Growth Officer, AANA (American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology)
As a respected thought leader and enterprise executive, I design and execute sophisticated omni-channel strategies that deliver unprecedented wins. With a career narrative of igniting results focused on strengthening advocacy, building member value and engagement, and curating new revenue streams, I leverage my deep marketing expertise and technology acuity to plot growth strategies and pursue relentless execution. Known for grooming and building diverse, performance-based work cultures, I design systems to elevate talent and create pathways for advancement. I identify obstacles and opportunities, provide proactive leadership, and build teams that navigate ambiguity to deliver on strategic objectives.
Level Beginner Delivery Group Internet-Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Specialized Knowledge Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Member and Stakeholder Engagement and Management CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed At least 1 year of association or nonprofit operations experience. No advance preparation required for course Cost $0.00

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