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Save 20-30% on your Credit Card Processing Fees*

You are joining a growing number of Associations and Not-For-Profit organizations that have switched to U.S. Transactions Corp. for guaranteed lower fees and personalized service.



U.S. Transactions Corp is different than any other merchant service provider (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) including banks and processors because we specialize only in Association / Not-For-Profit clients (strictly no retail stores or restaurants). Here are the facts:

  • Associations save 20% or more in credit card processing fees when switching to UST.
  • Our solution is fully integrated in all the major AMS systems: Personify, Aptify, NetForum, iMIS, ProTech, Nimble, Fonteva and others.
  • 100% of our Association clients are assigned a single point of contact which guarantees that every Association-client is served by someone who knows your business.
  • We eliminate the 1-800 customer service call center “jungle” for our Association-clients.
  • Over the last 10 years, we have a client retention rate of over 95%.
  • Our results -- financial outcome and service commitment -- are 100% guaranteed.
Julie Duncan,
Association Practice Leader, Associations & Non-Profit Organizations
(770) 883-7899 Direct
Julie Duncan leads UST’s Association Industry practice. Her focus is helping Association clients implement an integrated, PCI-compliant, credit card processing solution within their AMS or ERP platform which allows the Association to have the lowest possible cost per transaction (Visa/MasterCard/AMEX) Julie joined UST in 2018. Read full bio
Customer testimonials are the best proof. Forget the fluffy sales pitch. See what these clients have to say about improved profitability, time savings, and additional PCI security provided by U.S. Transactions Corp.

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How Associations Save 20-30% in Fees
Because PCI Compliant gateways supported by UST are fully integrated in all the major AMS systems, there is no change to your organization’s workflow/process, and your savings can be immediate. This 2-minute video will illustrate more.

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Non-Dues Revenue (NDR) Ideas for Associations
Watch this section as we will periodically share a new idea for Non-Dues Revenue that you can potentially implement based on real Association case studies.

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Build Your Case to Switch Processors

See the Association resources below

This Case Study illustrates how a $30 million annual budget Association reduced their credit card fees annually by 29%.
We support the PCI Compliant gateway which was already integrated in the Association’s AMS system so there was no change to the process or workflow, and savings were immediate.
Did you know that most PCI compliance practices begin with your finance team?
To help your employees understand PCI Compliance, we created a live, no-cost, PCI Compliance Workshop 1.0. The emphasis is on Ease-of-Implementation, and includes 9 Tips to create a more secure payment environment for your Association. This 1-2 hour Live-Virtual Workshop is for managers & staff. It is held exclusively for your individual association – no external guests -- so that you get the maximum benefit from it. (CPE and CAE credit available) For more information or to schedule directly contact Julie Duncan at julie@ustranscorp.com
You want to change your processor and you want to save money, but you are afraid that change will be a major disruption.
Do you have time for a 15-Minute Demo where we can show you how our solution works and is seamlessly integrated with your AMS.
15-minute Demo Agenda:
  • How you currently process today
  • Association Before and After outcomes using same AMS
  • Demo of solution
  • Hosted Payment Page options
  • PCI Compliance

To schedule your demo contact Julie Duncan, Julie@ustranscorp.com (770) 883-7899

For more information or to schedule directly contact Julie Duncan at julie@ustranscorp.com