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Save 25-30% on your Credit Card Processing Fees

You are joining a growing number of Associations and Not-For-Profit organizations that have switched to U.S. Transactions Corp. for guaranteed lower fees and personalized service.

UST accepts only the most credit-worthy organizations into the UST Network. Aggressive and non-specialized service providers solicit small, high-risk retail merchants into their pool of customers. Like with insurance, the higher risk is shared across all entities in the form of higher premiums or fees.

UST clients send less money to Wall Street, so they have more resources for their Mission.

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New Feature !! Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

For Associations with a high percentage of international customers/members, we’re pleased to offer Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solutions. DCC allows customers to pay in the currency of their choice at the point of sale. DCC solution allows your overseas customers to see the exact amount their card will be charged, expressed in their own home currency and including the exchange rate fee as opposed to the exchange rate fee being applied by their bank at a later date. As the Association, you will receive payment to your U.S. operating bank account as you are accustomed to in USD.

Proven Results

Customer testimonials are the best proof. Forget the fluffy sales pitch. See what these clients have to say about improved profitability, time savings, and additional PCI security provided by U.S. Transactions Corp.

How You Benefit

You realize hard dollar savings from the 1st month due to substantially lower discount fees on Visa and MasterCard transactions. Your only upfront investment is a nominal one-time software license fee of $299.

About Us

Unlike other service providers, we specialize in Association and NFP organizations. President’s Club for four consecutive years (2010-2013) and sole recipient of the Priority MX Award for superior client service.
How Associations & NFP organizations benefit
You will see immediate savings from the first month with UST from a lower overall discount rate. And your rate will stay low permanently. 32% Percentage reduction in monthly and annual fees overall for Associations and NFP organizations which have switched to U.S. Transactions Corp. in the last five (5) years. Source: Priority Payment Systems mxisoagentTM database and UST analysis through December 2013. Read More
Better PCI Compliance means greater peace of mind for you.

All of the solutions offered by us are PCI Compliant which is your highest level of security for conducting credit card transactions. We can help you further by sharing with you Best Practices used by other Associations and NFPs which are further designed to improve your security environment. Best of all, we do this at no additional cost to you. Read More
You want to automate your process, but have little or no IT support. UST can help.

Here is just one example. A customized and flexible 24/7 web-pay solution using a PCI compliant gateway can be set up in minutes.
It is easily branded to your Association or NFP, and the online payment fields can be modified to your needs and is “go-live” in seconds. All of this is done without the support of an IT-department. You could also use the functionality to directly email an invoice pay link to a specific customer or member/donor.
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