Advocacy: 5 Effective Strategies for Managing Fast-Moving Issues



Webinar: group live presented online  ||  Attendance: 54 Associations  ||  Reviews   ♦♦♦♦♦  || Thank you, I really enjoyed the various engagement components of the session || Great presentation…thank you  || This was very useful in seeing how others view this issue.  || Informative and inspiring to get more clients on board with digital advocacy  || Great information, learned great strategies.  Found the “word” sheet useful! || There are so many ways to connect with members on advocacy. thank you for the social media best practice and reach. || Provide options for our staff to better serve our members.

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Using COVID lockdown rules as an example, we provide suggestions for how to track and advocate on legislation and regulations that can come up in any town or state at a moment’s notice.

Today’s political landscape is filled with uncertainty. Will America recover from the COVID pandemic this year? Will Republicans retake one or both chambers of Congress next year? Will former president Trump run again in 2024? Can the Biden administration advance its agenda?

Every one of these questions has massive policy implications across multiple industries, and steering a government affairs program through that many variables can be difficult.

During this webinar we want to explore the advocacy boom and the COVID-19 effects.  We will talk about how to effectively track legislation, regulation, and campaign finance insights.  We will also discuss how to mobilize and amplify supporter voices with a proven social media playbook.

  • Explore the advocacy boom and COVID-19 effect
  • Effectively track legislation, regulation, and campaign finance insights
  • Mobilize and amplify supporter voices with a proven social media playbook

Jeb Ory
Co-Founder, President & CSO at Phone2Action
I’m a cofounder of Phone2Action. We create a technology platform that gives companies and nonprofits ways to stay on top of the issues that matter to them, and to mobilize them to advocate when it’s necessary. I also love to talk about business models, revenue generation, and business viability. At Phone2Action, my focus is on driving change through technology – both within, and outside, of organizations. Thousands of clients use our technology every day to make sense of our world and to understand – and shape – the policies and regulations that guide it. I have had the great pleasure of founding and building a business with an amazing woman, Ximena Hartsock. Diversity makes us stronger, and we have definitely achieved more because of our different backgrounds. ———- On this journey, we’ve helped tens of millions of people (and counting, with more than 50,000 new people using our software everyday) engage with campaigns that matter to them, creating opportunities for people to work directly with elected officials, decision-makers, and other influencers on issues that matter – at the local, state, and federal level. Over the next decade, we anticipate a fundamental shift in how people engage with their government. People – employees, champions, advocates – you and me – are demanding a bigger say in the laws and regulations that govern the USA and the world. Organizations will need better tools to stay abreast of the rapidly changing environment, and to lean-in and engage directly on issues. That’s where we come in. Our team has been covered in the New York Times, Washington Post, FoxBusiness, Forbes, Entrepreneur, the Wall Street Journal, Politico, and Campaigns in Elections, and many others. We are growing quickly, and in 2020, we acquired two great companies, GovPredict and KnowWho. I’ve had the great fortune to participate on the selection board for Stanford University’s Social Impact Grants since 2013, helping identify and grant funds for social entrepreneurs who have applied projects throughout the world. ———- My work has spanned three countries, including Singapore, Shanghai, and the United States, where I led a business unit at DCI Marketing, now a Marmon Group company and subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway. At DCI I sold to Fortune 250 retailers, creating new, repeatable revenue streams and introducing cloud-based systems for sales growth and revenue optimization. As a founder and entrepreneur, I have raised more than $100M in institutional capital for my companies.
Level Intermediate Delivery Group Internet Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Specialized Knowledge Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Advocacy CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed At least 1 year of advocacy / government relations experience. No advance preparation required. Cost $0.00

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