About UST

What Kind of Credit Card Processing Company Should You Be Looking For?

Three (3) main reasons that U.S. Transactions Corp. is the only partner for you:


1 We accept only the most credit-worthy B2B1 clients. Other merchant service providers will co-mingle you into a pool of high-risk retail merchants including mom-and-pop retail accounts. The analogy is insurance. By placing you in a pool of high risk merchants, other service providers spread the risk by charging higher fees to everyone, including credit worthy clients like yourself.

2 We specialize 100% in clients that accept commercial card transactions, i.e., B2B enterprises. This ensures that our clients qualify for the Lowest Bank Discount Fee applicable to Visa/MasterCard Purchasing-Card, Fleet, Business and Corporate cards (even if cards are not-swiped). This is called Level-3 processing. Other service providers may mention this option, but lack the knowledge to implement it properly which will result in higher fees for you. This is also referred to as “interchange downgrades” and you will only know it is happening to you when your monthly statements show surcharges and/or standard discount rates.

3 Over 500 happy client references (all of them B2B enterprises like yourself): Proof of that is a 97.5% customer retention rate which is exceptional by industry standards, and our customers do not have contracts which bind them beyond any time period above 30 days.

1 B2B refered to Business-to-Business enterprises, as opposed to consumer retail businesses.

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    Phone: (866) 442-3327
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  • Key Points About Services

    - Over the last 7 years, we have a client retention rate of 97.5% (vs. industry average of 67.4%).

    - Three consecutive years (2012, 2011, and 2010) in President’s Club

    - We prove and validate your success by providing an initial 6-month fee/savings analysis, and thereafter annually.