5 Reasons Business Owners are Investing Millions in Cryptocurrency






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Cryptocurrency is built on top of Blockchain technology. This new technology has vastly improved efficiency in nearly every industry. Throughout history efficiency has always won. The technology is itself in pre adoption; although just beginning there are still businesses, organizations and governments investing millions of dollars into the technology. Join us to learn why.

  1. Learn why businesses are investing in crypto and how it’s beneficial to their organizations.
  2. Learn how to utilize blockchain technology for payment security and efficiency.
  3. Learn how other organizations are growing their company’s treasury and reserves.

Austin McHenry
Crypto Practice Leader, UST
A highly enthusiastic Texan that really values the social energy around communities, organizations and businesses. Previous work as a vehicle technology solutions engineer, working on improving advanced driver assistance systems for consumer safety. Also has experience in manufacturing, CDC machinery operation and sales. Researching today’s cutting edge technologies as well as utilizing the technologies. Today the world is moving very quickly with the advancements in financial tech, VR/AR tech, Biotech, Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and many others. It is important that today’s Associations, Organizations, Corporations, and Businesses stay ahead of the curve to gain market share, increase profits, and improve consumer and partner relationships. Having spent a lot of personal time on the research and education of emerging technologies, Austin now focuses on sharing this knowledge.

Corey Glaze
Chief Product Officer, Tern
• A FinTech subject matter expert who brings a high energy, technically-minded business-savvy approach to effectively pair consumers, merchants, payment processors, brands, and companies with adequate solutions to build Payments, Card Issuing, Mobile Banking, Stored-Value, Prepaid, Global Money Remittance, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain-based enterprise-grade payment applications. • A Highly versatile (technical/business-facing) Product leader who seamlessly toggles between Corporate Product Strategy, Product Development, Contractual Negotiation, Partner Relationship Building, Requirements Gathering, Prototyping, UX/UI Design, Technical Sales Engineering, Go-to-Market Strategy (GTM) Analysis, Thought Leadership, and Product Evangelism (when, as, and where needed). • A Product, Technical and Business Development executive who replaces “Can we do it?” with “How we can get it done.” by devising realistic, compliant methods that are necessary to establishing true end-to-end requirements, establishing partner relationships, to execute project objectives successfully within a set time-line deliverable (i.e. effectively bridging the business/technical divide), to create first-of-their-kind products in a fun, positive, & collaborative (team-oriented) atmosphere.

Vince Wicker
Financial & Data Analytics Specialist
Management consulting services to some of the largest private and public enterprises in North America. I’ve had the pleasure help some very innovative business tune optimize sales for enterprise sales, simplify messaging, rationalize go-to-market strategies, and generate deal-closing ROI calculators. In supply chain technology consulting engagements, I’ve been able to bring 20+ years of experience to bear to help some of the largest enterprises in the world streamline their supply chains, re-calibrate critical processes and build stronger teams. We’ve been lucky to work with some of the largest brands including Time Warner, Target, Meijer Stores, Sprint, Mars, Bausch and Lomb, Loblaw Stores, Office Depot, and Reynolds Consumer Products.
Level Intermediate Delivery Group Internet-Based
CPE(NASBA Category) Economics Reviewer Wade Tetsuka, CPA
CAE (Field of Study) Operations CPE/CAE Credits 1.5
Prerequisites and advance preparation needed 1 year business operations experience. Advance Prep: None Cost $0.00

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